Dalian Star Grace Mining CO, LTD (大连星镁矿业有限公司)

Why Choose Us

1. Great raw material advantage , for we are the owner of Magnesite, and factory is established near the Magnesite Mine

2. Over the past 13 years’ experience of producing Magnesium fertilizer(Kieserite), the flexibility to produce according to customer’s requirement. Able to adjust both the total MgO and water soluble MgO content in Kieserite.

3. Have a better understanding of the global fertilizer market and we are able to meet the different standards of different countries .

4. Also be able to supply Ammonium Sulphate and other fertilizers, since we have a good reputation and relationship with other fertilizer manufacturers in the domestic fertilizer industry.

5. Print the bag as per customer’s marking.